Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post 1: What is Arts Enterprise?

NOTE: I'm finally taking the plunge and writing the first official post on the AE National blog. (post 1 means post 1...ever!) This has been one of those "on my list of things to do" items for about three months now and, in full disclosure, the task has fallen somewhere between practicing and giving the dog a bath. This seemingly small task has been a hard one to tackle. As I dive in head first into the blogosphere, please forgive the awkward beginnings. My hope is that you will give me a few posts before you pass complete judgment. Enjoy!

So what exactly is Arts Enterprise?

Excellent question! In short, AE started as an initiative on the campus of the University of Michigan in August of 2006 and works to bring the arts and business worlds together through highly impactful, student-run chapters. Our mission is to improve society by developing and supporting a network of leaders who enhance productivity, improve profitability and enrich lives through the blending of entrepreneurism and artistic creativity. Through this mission, AE provides support for students to work across disciplines in a way that enhances their degree paths, develops their entrepreneurial pursuits and improves the overall community life on each University campus through the arts and creative pursuits.

I encourage you to take a look at our website (www.artsenterprise.com) for more detailed information about our mission, vision and program activities. I want to spend my time in this post discussing why we started this organization and then a little time speaking more broadly about why this movement is so important in the future of the arts in this country.

This blog post is for you, collegiate student who is searching for activities that enhance their degree curriculum!

In short, AE is an opportunity for you to explore and develop skills beyond your degree path. Membership in the national organization will help you connect with other students interested in the intersection of business and the arts. The glory of AE is that you have the power to develop, implement and lead the arts entrepreneurship movement on your campus. In essence, we provide you with a framework at Arts Enterprise National that will enable you to grow the leadership skills necessary for the 21st century workforce. (more on this in a future post)

How do I join?

Joining our national network of chapters is easy. Simply go to our website (www.artsenterprise.com) and fill out the contact information someone from our AE National team will get in touch with you. I am thrilled about your interest in AE and I encourage you to continue to read the AE National blog for more information about the organization our latest talking points as we develop the AE movement. Thanks so much for reading!

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Stephanie said...

Hey Nate,
Came across this blog today while I was exploring some AE-related stuff online. It was nice seeing you at the last meeting-and I'm glad to see the national site is really getting up and running! I've been thinking about how AE definitely needs a blog, this world is full of them (or maybe it just appears so as I've recently become rather obsessed with reading them...). As a project for my Business Information Technology class, I started my own blog about some topics interesting to AE members on the mblog site (which only Andrew B. reads), either to talk about articles I've read or review AE evens at UMich, maybe if you're bored sometime you could take a look at it. Anyway, hope everything's going well for you, Happy New Year!